The Medical Alert Monitoring Details

Press themedical emergency
button and a distress signal is
sent, over your existing phone line,
to the UL approved medical
monitoring center. This signal
opens up the line of
communication between the
monitoring center and your

When the high speed (2-way)
connection is complete you’ll
hear the reassuring voice of a
professional monitoring team

We immediately check on your
status and, in the event of an
emergency, dispatch your local
EMS. Again, if needed, we’ll
contact key holders/loved ones.

We arm the EMS with the
knowledge of any existing
medical condition or issues.

This information helps prepare the
EMS to assist our clients
effectively and efficiently when
needed most.

This required contact and medical
information is kept strictly private
and collected prior to activation.

The Connect America
connection is so sophisticated
that we can communicate with
you through-out your home.
There’s never a need to struggle
for a phone.

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