When it comes to academic excellence, we are an ace up your sleeve!

Ace One Tutors is an offshoot of theĀ Start Something With Alessecompetition that took place in 2010. This competition looked at unique projects started by women in the fields of business, arts and charity and served as a launching point for Ace One Tutors and our online tutoring services.

Sheyla Abdic, Director and Master Tutor of Ace One Tutors, has been tutoring peers and younger students for the past six years.

Her vision for Ace One Tutors started with two or three students and because of her high quality tutoring services in the Toronto area, her client base quickly grew by word of mouth.

Soon Sheyla found herself helping students from both private and public schools. She was providing Toronto tutoring service to a wide range of students from gifted students to low income families who need after-school help in order to maintain or boost their GPAs.

To make her vision a reality, Sheyla set up a scholarship fund for talented young men and women in the GTA. She knows from experience how far tutoring funding and services can go in helping students, regardless of their socio-economic status.

Ace One Tutors was formally organized and launched in 2011 with the firm belief that education is not a privilege, but a fundamental right for everyone.

Ace One Tutors believes that help should be available to those who deserve it, no matter what the financial circumstances are or where they live within the greater Toronto area.

Mission and Vision

Ace One Tutors intends to help students realize their full academic potentials through after-school assistance using new methods of teaching and online tutoring services that engage students in an interesting way.

Ace One Tutors intends to continue helping amazing students from low income families and communities in Toronto and abroad. It is our way of paying forward what the community has done to help us with our own education.

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