An early comment on the actos lawsuit

Our law firm, Paglialunga & Harris, PS is investigating claims that the pharmaceutical drug Actos may increase the risk of bladder cancer in people taking the drug.  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced that there is a possible link between Actos and bladder cancer in patients who take the drug for more than one year. 

If you have been diagnosed with bladder cancer and were taking Actos at some point in time prior to being diagnosed, we would like to hear from you.  Often it is people who have been diagnosed with a disease caused by a drug that push changes in drug company marketing and drug manufacturing.   By doing so, these people encourage accountability and good behavior and indirectly save lives.

In our opinion, many pharmaceuticals are approved and marketed before their side effects can be fully studied. In the case of life saving drugs for emergent care it may be good to allow new drugs to be used if there is good evidence that the drug may save a life.  However, in too many cases there is no good reason to push a drug to market – other than, of course, to increase pharmaceutical companies’ profits.

In the case of whether Actos causes bladder cancer, the definitive facts are yet to come out.  Questions that need to be answered by the Actos Lawsuit are the following:

·         What is the link between Actos and bladder cancer?

·         What is the science that explains the link?

·         What did the manufacturer know about any link between Actos and bladder cancer and when did they know it?

·         Did the manufacturer conduct adequate studies given what it knew?

·         Did the manufacturer adequately warn of dangers?

There are many other questions that will be answered.  With all litigation, the benefit is that usually the public becomes aware of many more facts than it previously knew.  Too often, facts are hidden from the public so that sales aren’t affected by negative information.  Many times this leads to needless deaths and injuries.

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