How Smoking Affects Everyone

For many years, anti-smoking campaigns and special advocacy groups have been trying to get people to quit smoking through advertisements and informational sites and brochures. They have protested and ran commercials, but a vast number of people still continue to smoke.

A lot of people have become very addicted to cigarettes because of the nicotine and can’t imagine what their life would be like if they couldn’t light it up. Smokers who are under the legal age of smoking usually start smoking because it helps them to fit in with the “cool” crowd or they want to rebel.

We all know it smoke is really bad for us and can give us cancer. But what most of us fail to realize is that it can change the way we look. It can change your appearance, making you look older because smoking has been proven to speed up the aging process, and can even make you less sexually attractive. It also can make your teeth turn yellow, giving you the appearance of someone who has not brushed their teeth in a while.

When you get older you will start to see many signs on the face and your body like wrinkles, thinning of the hair, puckering lines around your lip, and prominent lines around your eyes. In more severe cases, you can also lose your teeth due to damage of the gums. This is a huge eye opener, and people really should listen to what these anti-smoking groups are trying to tell them. Do you really what to look older sooner than you are supposed to? Smoking is a very big turn. People don’t want to kiss an ash tray or smell the odor that comes off from you clothes. They also don’t want to see you damage your life.

Smokers that go on dates with non-smokers usually don’t get a second date with them because they are grossed out with their smoking. Research has shown that if only one person smokes around a person that they are around a lot, it can even do more damage to the non-smoker than it can to the smoker?
People care very much about their personal appearance and what impression they give.

Some smokers try to cover their damaged skin by taking medicine or by getting surgery to make them look like they used to or make them look even better. If you stop smoking now you get start to look better, and your body won’t age as fast. Not only will your appearance thank you, but your health will also thank you for your wise decision.

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